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Cala Moller is our leading architect and he founded in 1999. We believe in architecture that is rooted on the site and that is true to the purpose of its design. When the cladding is removed, the building must have a good source structure with spaces that communicate logically with each other. Form follows Function, as long as it is sculpturally pleasing to the eye. We draw our inspiration from Nature and other great artists who have come before us.

Cala Moller

Our Process


Concept discussion

This is where we meet with you to discuss your vision. We'll brainstorm and broaden our understandig to produce a rough draft of your new building, or of course renovations to the existing one.



After the initial discussion our architects get to work to with the design. During the design process floorplans are drawn up. During the design process, secondary meetings with the clients are encouraged to ensure that they are satisfied with the direction that the desgin is going in.

3-D Walkthrough

Once the client is satisfied with the final floorplans, a 3-D construciton of the building will be recreated. This is done so the client can see the finished prodct as it will present itself on site.


Once the client is satisfied with the final designs all that is left is construction. We pride ourselves in being extremely involved in this process. It is also our job to make sure that the construciton accurately follows the design instructions. Regular site visits are part of the package and the client is encouraged to come along.


The Final Product

Once the construction is complete, it's time to turn that house into a home. We provide guidance along the way with the help of our interior design experts. Our job is only complete when you, the customer, are 100% satisfied. Your hapiness is our success. So let's start the journey towards your dream home today! 

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